Your Only Eye Cream August 3 2017

Your Only Eye Cream


Why not gift your eyes what they deserve, with this fabulous, rejuvenating eye cream. Packed with nourishing, natural ingredients, Your Only Eye Cream is a special product you will cherish!

A luxurious but potent collagen booster made with royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils rich in anti-oxidants. This moisturizing eye cream will help smooth and restore the delicate skin around the eyes.

With all-natural ingredients, The Bee Happy Co.’s Your Only Eye Cream soothes and moisturizes deep within the layers of your skin. Our light-weight formula delivers vitamins and anti-oxidants that truly nourish and hydrate the eye area.

This special blend is made with such natural ingredients that some separation may occur – this will not interfere with the effectiveness of the product. Rest assured that you have no artificial emulsifiers and use day or night, as needed. Enjoy!


Raw Organic Cocoa Butter, Pure Bee Happy Co. Beeswax, Organic Cold-pressed Apricot Seed Oil, Organic Cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Unrefined Cold-pressed Extra-virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Non GMO Vegetable Glycerin, Green Tea Powder (botanical extract), Organic Helichrysum (100% hydrosols), Food Grade Aloe Vera Gel 99% Organic Ingredients, Vit E T-50 Tocopherols, Pure Royal Jelly, Lavender, Frankinscense and Rosemary Pure Therapuetic Essential Oils, Coconut and Radish Root Ferments  (natural preserves)

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