Honeybees raise the vibration of everything around them for miles.

Honeybees are at a very high vibration, and are very much in tune with electromagnetic fields. A good strong hive can have upwards of 50,000 bees. So you can see that the placement of even a single hive in a particular area in one’s yard or on one’s property can have a dramatic affect. A beehive by itself can be used as a cure to lift the energy of such a place, and clear stagnation. Just imagine those springtime orchards with ten, twenty, and even more hives spread around them. Millions of blooms with millions of bees on them. As you walk by each tree you can hear, see, and feel the beautiful power that’s there. From the blooms themselves, from the honeybees, and from the intimate interaction between the two. Total acceptance, total giving, total love.

Oftentimes bees will move into a tree on ones’ property, or even into the wall of a house or building itself. According to feng shui, if bees do make a hive in a such a place, that place will be blessed with joy and great fortune. As a matter of fact, the Chinese word for bee is fu. As a homophone (a word that sounds the same, or rhymes with another word), fu rhymes with “happiness”. So in Chinese iconography bee deals with happiness, good luck, prosperity and peace.Honeybees seek peace and harmony just like people

The story becomes even more amazing when you realize what the honeybees in each hive are actually doing to the whole region around the hive. In order to have a healthy ecology, there needs to be healthy bees. Honeybees not only want to live in harmony, they by nature help to create and sustain harmony as an integral part of their being. Honeybees will fly up to three miles in every direction from the hive, visiting flowers, trees, and streams. So that means that at any given time, from each and every hive, there are tens of thousands of these little individual energy lifters, working the ecology in a three mile radius of their home. How’s that for lifting some chi?

Yet we still haven’t reached the best part for us. For we cannot easily bring the honeybees with their energy cleansing and lifting powers inside the house. Or can we? It is the raw materials that the bees collect and produce, those which only the bees can collect and produce, by which we can share in the great work they do, and bring inside to benefit our space and our bodies.