Life is meant to feel good!

Come see how everyday meditation can be a simple yet powerful tool for allowing life to feel good. Fifteen minutes a day can give you more access and effective use of your own inner knowing. There are not many rules, no underlying agenda and no pressure in this class. Just an invitation to begin a practice that can bring you great benefit.

After a brief lecture on the delightful benefits of meditation you will all be given tips on how to start and we will all give it a whirl together! By the time you leave class you will know how to continue to practice each day, if you’d like.

Student Maximum:  None – enough room to sit COMFORTABLY in chairs. Please inquire with instructor about how to arrange chairs. Thank you.

Class Length: 40 minutes

SPECIAL!  This class is a FREE ADD-ON  if you book one or more classes in 2017/2018. FREE meditation class must be scheduled within ½ hour prior to or following any other scheduled class. 

Contact us for Fee for Meditation Class Only

Sharyn and Ned Farrell, co-owners of The Bee Happy Co., have been incorporating a consistent meditation practice in their lives that aligns with their belief in living a happy life! Both have studied and received certifications in meditation, yoga and energy healing and have been providing inspiring lectures to 1,000’s around the country.