Happiary [hap-ee-er-ee] noun  1. A place to be happy  2. Any of a number of The Bee Happy Co.’s apiaries, or bee yards, where honeybees have a wonderful home, are happy, healthy, make honey, and thrive overall.

from the Dictionary of The Bee Happy Co.

Welcome to our online Happiary. A place you can come to again and again to Bee Happy, as well as to gain knowledge about our most wonderful pollinators, the honeybees.

This is also the place to visit to find out about The Bee Happy Co.

First off, who are we? We are Ned & Sharyn Farrell, beekeepers, bee teachers, and creators of the most wonderful skin care you’ll find anywhere.

We love life, we love people, we love beauty, we love honeybees. Moreover, we love all the honeybees do for us in their visiting the millions of flowers they visit every day in order to make honey, beeswax, and other wares of theirs. We love the pollination they carry out for us, for the honeybees pollinate nearly one hundred crops for us, not to mention the flowers and plants in our fields, forests and cities.

Our products include:

– our FY line of all-natural skin care that will make you glow and feel beautiful as you truly are.

raw, unpasteurized honey – YUM!

– Gift baskets for any and every occasion – Oh Boy!

Our services include:

– teaching beekeeping classes for schools, libraries, groups, and privately

– Bee removal services, not limited to swarm capture, removal of honeybee colonies from buildings, any stinging insect abatement such as yellow jackets, wasps, carpenter bees, etc.

– Honeybee Advocacy – speaking out for the honeybee and the plight they’re in, and therefore, the plight we are all in!

So, our whole purpose at The Bee Happy Co. is to make everyone happy. This includes our best of friends, the honeybees.

With over 25 years of beekeeping experience, Sharyn and Ned with the help of the honeybees strive to make people happy. Hang out with us a bit, shop our store, and most of all…

Bee Happy!