Enter the fascinating world of the honeybees! And the exciting roll as a keeper of these fun and mysterious little beings. It’s not as far out as you think!

Beekeeping has grown to become a popular and fulfilling family activity. Using pictures and lively discussion, we’ll take a look into the honeybee world. Learn all about what the honeybees do for us, the role of the beekeeper, and how enjoyable it is to work with bees.

Beekeeper Ned Farrell will feature information on the various types of bees in a hive, how honey and beeswax are made, and how the beekeeper helps to facilitate the process. The audience will gain an understanding of basic bee biology, how bee society works, and the importance of bees to humans and agriculture. What’s the Buzz will also introduce you to all the proper equipment you need to get started with your own beehives.

No Student Maximum

Class Length: 1 hour

Fee $349

No Materials Fee

Ned Farrell is a Beekeeper and owner of The Bee Happy Co. He has over 25 years experience working with honeybees throughout the U.S. and for the Peace Corps in Paraguay, utilizing their Africanized “killer” bees. Ned’s company specializes in producing the highest quality, all-natural & organic skin care and air misting products, made with raw materials from the hives, to enhance one’s overall well-being, inside and out.