About Us

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Nick - 37 of 50We are Ned & Sharyn Farrell, and we started The Bee Happy Co. in our kitchen, creating exceptional honey bee products people love. Originally intended for our own use, our nurturing products became popular with people all over the country. 

We love living a fun and healthy lifestyle. The idea of the brand blossomed further when we started sharing our love and excitement for life in all areas with other people, and they responded!

Today, The Bee Happy Co. is one of the most inspiring companies in the world, bringing exceptional products and services that make the world spin with a smile. 

Taking our cue from the honeybees – who visit flowers all day long – we love to collect and to share good things with you. We are devoted to this and still devoted to the honeybees. The Bee Happy Co. donates a portion of all proceeds to help honeybees thrive.

Bee Happy!

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